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Client Tools

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Client Private Preview URL. This password protected area is available to our Web design clients only.
Search Engine Position Analyzer
Our Search Engine Position Analyzer is a great time saving tool. Used on a regular basis, you can easily keep up to date on which search engines/directories have indexed your site and what ranking has been attained for any number of different keywords/phrases. SEPA will search the top engines/directories for you and compile a detailed report for your use (sample). Optionally, you can specify additional search engines/directories you would like searched, or even search for your competitors site to see how they are ranked compared to your site.
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Search Engine Submitter
Save hours of time with our Search Engine Submitter. There's a myth among website managers that submitting your website to hundreds of search engines will result in thousands of new visitors. That's not so. Over 90% of the search engine traffic to most Web sites comes from 8 to 10 major search engines. Today, submitting your site to hundreds of search engines/directories just isn't enough, nor is it cost effective. To get and stay indexed and keep your listings up to date, you need to continually resubmit. Do you have hours of spare time to do this every month? By using our SES, we will submit your site, by hand (because some search engines will drop a site if they detect you submitting from a package or submission service), to these top engines/directories once a month. Optionally, you can specify additional search engines/directories you would like your site submitted to.
Website Maintenance Packages
Save money with our Website Maintenance Packages. (Details coming soon)

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